Monkeys Are Funny

My friend Chris and I have always been fascinated with monkeys. My favorite toy growing up was a Curious George stuffed animal. I had a few others as well but that toy was by far the most loved. When I visit zoos I have to immediately find out where the monkeys are kept since they really are the only animals I wish to see.


But why the monkey, what is the lure, why do they make many people laugh? It might be because they are placed into ridiculous situations just before a photograph of one is taken, like the chimpanzee at the typewriter. Who knows how long it took the photographer to take it, how long he had to wrestle with the animal to stay still for one or two seconds so that a snapshot could be frozen in time? Videos or films containing monkeys seem to take advantage of the curious nature of the monkey, more than often a chimp, as well. Yet the images last; whether they are taken in the wild or in a studio, they are always timeless, they never cease to amaze. Because monkeys are simply hilarious.

Photo by Ewing Galloway


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