About Tings

“Tings” has been a sort of one-word summing up motto of mine for 10 years now. It was inherited from a guy with whom I used to work at a newspaper in the Boston area. HeI heard tings. was also a fan of film and one day began quoting endlessly from the masterpiece “Raging Bull,” in which Jake LaMotta, played brilliantly by Robert DeNiro back in the days when he was passionately acting, in a supreme moment of paranoia accosted his brother that “I heard tings,” “tings” being of course a slang derivative of “things.” The phrase was simply chopped down to the main subject for reasons of simplicity, and after a while I came to understand the context in which it was being ceaselessly used by my friend. Around that same time I realized that the word was used in another classic, but much lesser-know film called “Things Change,” starring the great Don Ameche. I expect you can imagine how the first word in the film’s title was pronounced.

“Tings” is used in conversational situations where virtually nothing in response can be said, or there is nothing really to say in the first place. It is also used as an interjection of surprise or mild confusion. It is an innocent word, it poses no wrongdoing and is not offensive, no one in their right mind can be insulted by the term. But for me at least, “tings” expresses what some can only voice in dozens of pages of prose. It is a simple, monosyllabic expression for awe, grief, sublime, discontent, euphoria, malaise, inspiration. I suppose most everyone has their own catch phrase, a common one being “awesome” used by countless millions of English-speaking humans across the globe. Yet it seems I am also not the only one that identifies with the word as the URLs tings.wordpress.com and tings.blogspot.com were both taken.

Anyway, in case you did not gather from the last two entries, this blog is just about “tings.” There is not much else to say about the intent or the goal. But hopefully you will find “tings” worthwhile.



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3 responses to “About Tings

  1. Congratulations on the new blog! You should check out the record “Tings An’ Times” released by Linton Kwesi Johnson in 1991. You can access some of his material here: http://www.myspace.com/lkjrecords

  2. Christian

    I couldn’t find that tune on the site or with a file sharing software program I use. Do you happen to have the .mp3 file? Could you e-mail it to me if you do?

  3. Chrissy

    Tings, indeed.

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