I feel that my life is going through a transition, though I cannot say how long it will last or what will come of it. I reckon something will transpire within the next 12 months, in other words the metamorphosis or whatever it is I will be experiencing in that time span should be complete. So long as I don’t turn into a cockroach as what happened to the poor sap in Franz Kafka’s unforgettable short story. But that change took place overnight. Maybe I will transform into some other animal or vegetable during my slumber one evening, you never know.

The autumn has officially arrived where I am in Armenia, which is probably the most significant transitional season. Even well into October it can be pretty warm–in New England where I am originally from they call autumn warm spells the Indian Summer for some reason. The seasons are very similar here as in New England–actually I would say they are identical. It also depends on where you are in the country. On the Iranian border to the south in the town of Meghri snow never falls, and the weather is nearly always humid, even balmy. Kiwis can grow there without any difficulty. The majority of the country’s inhabitants freeze their asses off once December rolls around.

Transition is important in life I believe. I think the more transitions one encounters the more mature he or she becomes spiritually, ethically, and mentally, not necessarily professionally because you can have a shallow character and be successful in terms of how much money you earn. Many people fear change, especially financial which is natural. But personal life changes should always be embraced, to push yourself to higher levels of consciousness and inner tranquility, but to what extent those ideals can be achieved is unpredictable.  Yet the struggle is always worth the associated risks.


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