Bangs and Dings

Wherever I go now I am interrupted by noises caused by construction. All the main access roads in the city are being torn up; tunnels and bridges are being senselessly constructed everywhere. At my workplace the noise emitted from interior demolition is deafening, so I have to listen to music at full blast through ear phones, but it does not always block the sounds of drilling and pounding coming from above and below our office. When at home during the weekends the situation is the same–pounding combined with dust flying everywhere, which manages to seep in through the minute crevices in walls and window frames. The work does not relent on the street or inside the apartment building during the day and sometimes well into the evening. The neighbors are doing “capital remonde” which means they are gutting out their entire apartment to renovate it. The same situation was occurring in the apartment building I left over six months ago. There the people on the fifth floor decided to build a penthouse and their own private elevator, the shaft of which partially blocks the building’s entrance. There was a quaint hamlet located just behind the building which developers tore out–they want to erect a 17-story apartment building there. I am glad I left that dump.

At night some dimwits can always be found hanging on the corner just below the balcony. Last night they were heckling and howling about something I didn’t get, but they were annoying. These loud-mouth guys are everywhere, terrorizing the city with their cackling and yelling. Then there are the car horns blaring. The noise in this city is unbearable and unstoppable, there’s no escaping it. It was never this bad before. Until only a couple of years ago it was somewhat tolerable, but not anymore.

I am getting pains again in my lower back, probably stress related although I don’t feel stressed out. They flare up without warning, apparently they are spasms from what I was able to gather on the Internet. Tylenol or any other pain reliever does not help the situation, so I have to ice the back or else apply heat with hot water bottles. I find that they both have the same effectiveness more or less. Stretching helps too a bit. I hope the pain won’t last too long.


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