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It’ s Sunday morning again, a rainy one, although now it seems the clouds are separating. The weather is still gorgeous for mid-October, no drop in temperature yet, although the nights are cooler than they were a month ago. I’m sure in another few weeks or so we will all be freezing our asses off, as my mother says in the coming of winter.

I am listening to the only “jazz” radio station in Yerevan. But it is not straight-ahead jazz all the time, they mix in blues and soul music, sometimes 1970s disco instrumentals, and even ska. For some reason every time they play something by John Coltrane the cut the tune short three or four minutes into it, although they let long songs by other artists play through the end. As a matter of facto only just now did “Blue Train” start streaming through the airwaves. Let’s see if they play all 10 minutes of it. I don’t understand why they have to undermine Trane’s music in that way, but at least they are playing it. A few weeks ago jazz fusion guitarist Al Di Meola played in Yerevan’s Republic Square. I would guess 90 percent of the crowd had no idea who he was, but at least they walked away with something they would not ordinarily be exposed to. It’s great to see diversity here in all forms–music, food, and art especially. Now many progressive, non-conformist Iranians are living here, especially students. Indians as well. Unfortunately Armenians feel that opening up European boutiques everywhere is the proper way to demonstrate a comprehension, however slight, of worldliness.

A friend of mine wanted to travel up north asking me to drive him there. He wanted to photograph some Yezidi villages. I wonder why he hasn’t called yet…


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