I am having trouble staying awake at work. Occasionally this dilemma plagues me, but there seems to be nothing else to do other than write about it. That way I can find an excuse to stay awake. But why am I falling asleep? It could be that I am bored, it happens from time to time. But is it normal behavior? You hear about people being proactive all day long, running companies, managing employees, designing architectural masterpieces. Here people are sitting and diligently writing code (supposedly) while I sit at my desk, switching between the New York Times and BBC News Web sites, all the while trying to find an article to attract my astute attention ( I hope my boss does not read this). But then the eyes become drowsy and suddenly I find myself living an abstract version of what I am reading in my semi-sleepy mind of the moment, from moment to moment to moment. I seem to be wide awake now, but I can’t say for how long. About an hour ago when I awoke from one of several brief reality time-outs I went down to the corner convenience store and bought a bottle of spring water along with a tasty turnover filled with chicken and mashed potatoes. I figured the tea I was drinking to stay alert was dehydrating me and presumed some water would revive. Fifteen minutes after I returned the listlessness resumed. There’s two hours to go….


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  1. Chrissy

    At an old job, I would find myself in the same predicament. Drifting in and out of a kind of dream world, unencumbered by the toil around me. Slowly, I would ooze into another time or place in my life, incorporating bits and pieces whatever I was reading online. Sometimes these half-dreams were pleasant, encompassing my body in a kind of warm, security blanket, while other times, the seeds of distress or doubt would seep into my state of limbo, and I would awaken with a loud, startling grunt.

    Eventually, I began to give in to my daytime slumber, even putting my feet up on my work surface, which was on the other side of a divider on the two-sided desk that I shared with a colleague , and completely out of view of passersby. Apparently, from time to time, I would be so serene, that I would begin to snore. My co-worker would have another colleague call me from an outside line so I couldn’t recogize the internal phone extension, and pretend to be a customer. Often, it took me several minutes in my diminished mental state to realize that I wasn’t talking to a real customer, and even if I suspected as much, I was reluctant to call my friend out because I could never be certain.

    Soon after my full nap episodes began I moved on to a new job, realizing that, in addition to my nighttime sleeping disorder, my complete and utter boredom at my job was the main culprit.

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