The Soul Resilient

The transition progresses. One relationship teeters on the edge of oblivion while another takes root, still shallow but persistent. The winter light casts a hazy gleam on my soul, which accepts the gentle warmth of promise, of new beginnings. The beams flicker slightly but become stronger with each passing day. Bonds are tied but not knotted; they seek karma to form resilience. Each new day carries with it hope for lasting affection and binding trust. I find myself quite less irritable, as if solace has blanketed my conscience and periodic paranoid ponderings. Karma determines my realities, not the wait for the outcome of destiny. Yet I understand that karma cannot be forced or rushed, as patience is essential. It proceeds at its own pace but is ceaselessly guided along the path to follow. Tumultuous storms cannot be predicted but tranquil shelter can be sought before they subside. Negative energies are being dispelled. Foremost, faith in the Self must prevail.


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