Tell Me My Story



Don’t give up
Because you have friends
And believe
There will be place
Where we’ll be loved
I am digging in the dirt
To find the place
Where I’ve loved

     – Tell me my story…

     She is twenty years old now. It is already seventeen years that she lives in the children’s home. For me she is a girl who has never had a childhood.

     – Your mother and father have met at a psychiatric hospital. They probably didn’t realize what they were doing or maybe they wanted you in their life passionately; although the doctors have forbidden her to give birth to a child. Craziness and desire of a man and a woman gave birth to you. I do not know anything about your father, except that he was Jewish. Your mother was an artist and she has committed a suicide after you appeared to the world which became too cruel for you. Three years you were living in a dark room which had never seen a sun…

     Is this the story which I should tell her even if it is true? Is this what a young “crazy” girl should know about life and past of her parents?

     All children in the world dream about one thing: caring and loving family.

     Someone says: “The best a father can do for his children is to love their mother”.

     The fairy-tale which will help her to live, believe, love and trust people will be a little different…

     – Tell me my story…

     – All children are born because once a man and a woman meet and love. You came to this world because your parents loved each other and wanted you to be born… Just remember always: you are a creature of your parents’ love and desire….

December 2007


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One response to “Tell Me My Story

  1. Jahar

    Excellent piece…. thank you. Reflects the compassion and insight that is with you

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