Surrounded By Nerds

I work as a technical writer for a start-up software company based in Irvine, California. It opened its satellite division in Armenia in July 2005, and I was one of the starting employees at the office here. We’ve grown from a group of five to just over 20 in that time span. Needless to say, the nerd factor has increased significantly. Not only are most of these guys geeks, many are sort of wise guys as well, usually crass talking and acting in a not-so professional manner. It’s not unusual for people to shout from one end of the spacious office to the other in some sort of obtuse display to signify importance. Speaking softly is an odd occurrence. And the mobile phone tones sounding at full blast are a fantastic annoyance. Nevertheless, I try to adapt to my surroundings as best as I can, which for the most part entails listening to my limited mp3 music catalogue via iTunes when the cackling becomes cacophonous. If it weren’t for the VP of Operations here, with whom I can talk just about anything from the damning intricacies of his large-format photography to amateur wine making (I am providing him with empty bottles left behind from my nights of wine binging), office life would be absolutely mind-numbingly dull. Although a spot of tea always helps brighten the day. Tings….



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2 responses to “Surrounded By Nerds

  1. I’m not sure the mobile phones are nerd-related. 😉 I think they are more “Armenian-related”. Most people in Armenia have absolutely never ever heard of mobile phone etiquette. I am absolutely amazed at people running in and out of class talking on the phone, not switching their phones to silent in a movie theater. And I can continue for a while. I am still stubbornly putting my mobile to silent in my office. I guess me and my Dutch colleague are the only ones….

  2. Arshak

    Garbis jan, I’m interested in knowing what company this is. I spent 4 years of my life living in Irvine in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree and am intrigued by the work opportunities it provides in Armenia..

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