In the Radiance

Don’t give up on us, do not walk away from me
Look deep inside your heart, examine your soul
Talk to them, discover what they want, what they need to know
Find out why they are weary, what makes them afraid
And provide comfort, persuade them to smile so they forget
What troubles them, what makes their angst persist
Encourage them to be well, to be content
Summon their confidence, and give them inner peace

If they are scared, let me know how I can alleviate their fears
If they have doubts, ask me to resolve them

If you want to love, then just do that, just be
The past and future do not matter
Only we do now, in our union
And together we will walk into the light of karma
Into eternal happiness
The path is sparkling, it shimmers with our love and our hope
Don’t you see that road? It is in front of you, I stand beside you
Look before you, take my hand, and let’s move forward, together
I will not let go, but hold my hand tight
We will not lose our way as the path is very bright,
There is only radiance along that path, no shadows
And in that radiance is our love and our life.

Copyright © Christian Garbis 2008


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