Live and Love Life

Live and love life

Fear not the pain and pleasure

Uncertainty and circumstance

The unknown and revelation

Live to feel, strive to discover

Live so that others rejoice

In the karma you radiate

The same which inspires and comforts

Those who admire you and are in awe

Of your triumphs of the will

Instill a rapturous life

And be resolute

Your tomorrows are brilliant

Enlightenment is your destiny

Live and love life

Remain true to your convictions

And do not permit uncouth minds

From breaking your aspirations

Love your life, love yourself

And bask in the vibrant day

Bringing new hopes and reveries

That cannot be decimated

When love dominates the soul

Love so that you will be loved

And let your life conjure peace

Harmonious and in communion with eternal tranquility

Which you fortify in your heart

For us to rejoice in the love you emanate

Just live, love and be.


Copyright © Christian Garbis 2008


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